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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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i understand he ended up with an iphone at the end of all this. trace, thank you. >> all our very best to everyone and the storm's path right now. be wish you well. that's it for us in america's election headquarters. >> now, shepherd smith reporting live news desk. >> weather alert to start us off, 3:00 on florida's east coast, where if the governor is right, millions of people are about to experience a living nightmare. the forecast is a direct hit by the most powerful storm to hit the united states in more than a decade. large scale evacuations being carried out along florida's east coast. millions and millions of people under orders to get out before it's too late. our reporters say many are staying, and for them, if the forecasters are right, too late will come very soon. 145-mile-an-hour winds lift rocks and throw them around like bullets. they turn trees into missiles. they break windows, tear down
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power lines, soon you can't see anything. the sound is deafening, and completely disorienting. i've lived it, and it is hello. the storm surge of a monster cyclone like matthew if it hits just right, will wash homes away and leave anyone inside to die a violent death. this is not to scare you. it's to remind you what happened when katrina hit the mississippi coast. it struck at 2:00 a.m. in my state. sustained hurricane force winds on the coast of mississippi for 17 hours. it spawned 11 tornadoes, produced a 28-foot storm surge, destroyed tens of thousands of homes and killed hundreds of people in my state. some of their bodies have not been recovered. some of their families had nothing to bury. and matthew is expected to be stronger and last longer than katrina. you see what i'm saying? it's hitting a much more populated area. maybe it will stay offshore.
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maybe florida will get lucky. it's a very big maybe. and it's not a gamble you can take. if they've warned you to evacuate, do it now. or risk death on a freeway in a traffic jam from hell later. as florida's governor has warned repeatedly, this storm will kill you. it will kill your children. it will kill your pets and everyone you know who wants to mess with it. unless you get lucky. here's a look at where matthew is now. today, it brought winds of 125-mile-an-hour to the bahamas. the forecasters say the hurricane is getting stronger and if as it makes its way towards the united states, it will continue to strengthen. they're telling people to expect life threatening conditions. this video gives you a look at where the storm was in cuba as it made its way toward the bahamas. this is from a so-called hurricane hunter plane that flies above the storm, helps the forecasters track it.
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100 people died in haiti. forecasters say half of the state of florida, half of it, could see tropical storm force level winds. in fact, they're warning we could see tornadoes even before the hurricane gets there. thousands of people have already checked into shelters. airports are closed or closing. the governor rick scott told people this morning, the clock is ticking. >> if you're in an evacuation zone, get out. this is not something you should take a chance with. time's running out. leave. there's no excuses. the roads are open. you should get out. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> as i mentioned, the storm has already left behind devastation in the caribbean. the interior minister in haiti says now the death toll is 108 and they're still looking. thousands and thousands of homes are destroyed. the government there estimates hundreds of thousands of people need some kind of humanitarian aid. it is a disaster. despite the warnings, lots of people here in the united states have said they're not going anywhere. we will not cover your funerals
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and we will not feel sorry for you. they're stocking up supplies, boarding up their homes and hoping, which is moronic. matthew is a rare category 4 hurricane. this animation shows a look at the scale of the damage we expect there. if it hits the way they're predicting, this is what we expect. winds could reach speeds at times of 155 miles an hour. over on our wall, a look at the storm track. the forecasters there have expanded theiar where the storm may hit. see this, melbourne, daytona beach, all the way up to jacksonville, this moves 20 miles to the west and you and everyone you know are dead. all of you. because you can't survive it. it's not possible. unless you're very, very lucky. and your kids die, too. we have team fox coverage. steve is in wubauso beach in florida with a look at how things are going there. first, to janet in the extreme weather center. there's a risk you build
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something up too much and then it doesn't hit. they're pretty sure, janus, aren't they? they're pretty sure if it doesn't stay out to sea, a lot of people are going to die. >> you have to take into account when this storm hit haiti and the pictures we're seeing, it was the same strength, it was a category 4 storm. so if this storm is the same strength that hit haiti and we're getting pictures, obviously, the homes in haiti, the structures are not as sound as what we have all up and down the east coast, but that is certainly something to take into account and of course we haven't had a major hurricane hit the u.s. in 10 years, like you mentioned, the last was will muin 2005. so hopefully people are heeding those warnings, millions of people have never experienced a hurricane and they're about to. so the hurricane itself is about 100 miles away from west palm beach so we're getting there and starting to see outer bands moving across south florida, central florida. you mentioned the tornado threats. that is going to be imminent over the next several days, all
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along the coast. you can see those winds right now, and there's the core of that storm, with 140 mile-per-hour sustained winds. and the hurricane force winds extending 60 miles from the center of the storm. so 140 mile-per-hour sustained winds and the pressure has dropped within the last advisory. so there is indication that this storm is strengthening. we have a lot of warm water. the gulf stream is ahead of this storm. that's where the warmest waters are and that's why we think perhaps intensification is possible as it moves closer to the shore line land fall middle of the night, where? >> we start to see the conditions deteriorate in the evening hours and then the closest brush with florida will be in the overnight and into tomorrow morning and look how close it comes. and you mentioned, you know, scraping across land it. doesn't matter if this makes land fall. if the core of the strongest winds are on shore, you'll have hours and hours and hours of a major hurricane on your door
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step and you merngzed -- mentioned, i mean, listen, if this goes 50 miles east offshore, that would be a good thing. if it moves 20, 30 miles inland, not a good thing. we have tens of millions of people that are going to be affected by this storm. and this has been a major hurricane for almost a week, category 3 or higher. and look, it remains strong as a category 4 as we get into georgia and then the carolinas and then we have to watch this because there is some indication that it could spin back towards land. so hurricane warnings in effect really for millions of people all up and down the east coast. 11 million people and look at the national hurricane center forecast wind field. these are hurricane force winds on shore, on shore, on shore, on shore, 48, 60 hours. we didn't talk about the storm surge. 10 feet plus. that's above your height.
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that's, you know, that could do significant damage and that's why the national hurricane center has put out the dire warnings of this could be life threatening with a storm surge of over 10 feet and that's going to be continuous into georgia and the carolinas. pow power outages, millions of people will have the power out, not just for days but perhaps weeks. so people that didn't evacuate are not going to be able to go anywhere for perhaps days or weeks as people try to get out and rescue them. this is of course the worst case scenario. forecast rainfall, anywhere from 10 to 12 inches and fresh-water flooding and storm surge is the number one killer when it comes to hurricane landfalls. so we're going to be dealing with this all day tomorrow, saturday, and sunday for this vulnerable area along florida and the southeast coast. >> turn around.
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don't drown. thank you. we'll come back to her repeatedly. this is the southeastern coast of florida from miami-dade, ft. lauderdale, hollywood, no planes. this is the national plane tracking map we use all the time to see what's happening now. there are no planes. every airport is shut. fort lauderdale, miami international, miami international, palm beaches all shut down. orlando is still going. she'll shut down 8:00 tonight. but certainly, this storm is so big, it's eventually going to bring water everywhere. this is the local radar. you can see the radar loop right here. this is coming out of the keys and this is coming out of broward county. and you can see these bands that are with it. you know, that upper right quadrant, if you're looking at a storm right here. that's the quadrant that's the worst. so at least it's staying that the worst of it will be out here. but the back half of this is nothing to sneeze at. you can see the eye right here. it's hard to tell from this.
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well, maybe i can make it a little bigger here. the eye itself is getting smaller. that's normal. as a storm strengthens, the eye gets smaller, the winds wrap toigtder around that eye and the eye becomes smaller. this one is about 16, 17 miles in diameter and appears to be shrinking. that could mean that an eye wall replacement cycle is coming, and we can hope. what happens is the wall, the eye of that storm, those central winds, the worst of it l get tightr and tighter and there's more and more energy and another eye wall forms outside of it. the one on the inside disappears. it's like a snake shedding its skin. and during that period of eye wall replacement, which can go on for hours, the pressure goes up and the winds go lighter. so if you've got 140-mile-an-hour winds during an eye wall replacement cycle, they might get down to 120 or 115 mile-per-hour. the central pressure will rise so it won't be as destructive. we can hope an eye wall
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replacement cycle is coming, but there's no way to know exactly when that happens. it could happen long from now. but until it does, unless and until this storm moves to the east, there's big trouble coming in mom's old state. steve is live in florida. >> i got to tell you, it's a little surprising to see how bad this has gotten. still, the worst of it here in sebastian, florida is still 12 hours away. rain coming in at 45 degree angles, the beach behind me as pretty much disappeared. once it does, there's a lot of homes in the way. there's 1.5 million people in this state who have been told that they have to evacuate. and a lot of them are taking that very seriously, on the move. if you're in hotels around here, in the lobbies, what you see here often, a lot of old people, you see walkers, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, and people are scared. they have to leave.
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and they're going where they can. i saw a woman at the front desk in the best western who was afraid she was on the first floor. she wanted to be on the 3rd floor because she thinks the first floor might be under water by the end of the night. there's also been a real -- here. i've talked to three people this morning from manufactured houses, and they said they don't expect to be anything there when they leave. and they just said it as a matter of fact. so people here dealing with tremendous stress, tremendous fear, and often the helderly and often on their own. so a real stressful situation for the next 12 hours. we're hearing these things about evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. at this point, you know, it's hard to stand up out here. the rain and wind has picked up. and for someone to drive in it, it's going to be very difficult. this morning, there were three hour lines at home depot, people boarding up what they can, and everything you need right now,
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bottled water, gasoline, all tough to come by. it's a scary time right now. >> steve, i was wondering if they are prepared this reality that we really haven't heard about before. hurricane andrew came through in about four hours, moving at about 30 mooirch, in and out. hurricane katrina moved in at half that speed. not this one. this one, they're predicting in the area where it actually comes ashore, and they think that will be around 3:00 in the morning on friday, saturday morning at 3:00, it's still hurricane force winds. sunday morning at 3:00, it's still hurricane force winds. and it's monday afternoon before hurricane force winds subside, 60 hours of hurricane force winds. how are they going to have emergency workers in that sort of condition? >> yeah, they can't go out at certain wind speeds. and to put those numbers in perspective, when you see a 10-foot storm surge, that's well over 4 feet over my head right now. and if it does hit here at 3:00
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in the morning, as possible with 120, 130-mile-an-hour winds, all these trees and roofs will be gone. so if the governor has warned this is the potential for catastrophe. he's opening more shelters, activating more national guard, asking for help from the federal government. he wants generators, power, water, food. we could be in for a real rough ride here along -- a long expanse on the east coast. >> steve, you be careful. hurricane hugo, mount pleasant, north carolina, as far as you can see, nothing but logs. nothing but trees that are now firewood. hurricane andrew, as far as you can see in all directions, nothing but scrap wood. what used to be homes and dead animals and dead people. hurricane katrina in south mississippi, like a nuclear bomb went off. and if this does what they predict that it may, it will be
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the word from floridians, the people in charge there is that hurricane matthew could force the largest evacuation in the state of florida's history with more than a million and a half people affected and the reason for that is it's so rare
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for a storm to move along the coast without a really clear idea of where the direct hit will happen. take a live look in daytona beach about 50 miles north and east of orlando, famous spot, daytona speedway, huge spring break and otherwise destination. the space coast not far from there. evacuations already underway. michael is the daytona beach police chief. you get a lot of flack, you know, as news people and police chiefs for telling people they have to leave and their houses don't blow over and they're mad at you. not nearly asat you if they're >> that's correct, shepherd. we have been preaching and preaching to get out, get out now. the window on the opportunity to get out is closing. we were on patrol up here within the last hour and i had a mother outside with two young children and she said to me, i'm going to ride it out, chief. everything's going to be okay. i was like, are you crazy. and we're going to go back every hour on the hour until we
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convince her, she's got to get off the peninsula. this isn't anything to play with. this is devastating. people are going to lose lives. there's a catastrophe waiting to happen here. >> i've talked to a number of police officers in south mississippi after it was over, and they talk about going home to home of people they knew and they break into the house and they search the house and most often, they put an x on the door saying nobody's in there. but, you know, every 15th house, they walk in and the old lady from the store is dead in there. and how hard that is for law enforcement officials who are made to save lives. instead, they're carrying corpses. >> and that's what we're trying to do, we're preaching get out and get out there. there's going to be a loss of power. you're going to lose your cell phone. kroo you're going to lose your internet connection. there's going to be severe flooding with the storm surge, and a lot of people aren't understanding that. when you're out here today, a lot of people get it, but as i
12:20 pm
drive by the ocean front condos and into the community, there's a lot of peoples cars are still in their driveway, out in their yard doing yardwork and they're like, we're still debating. there is no debate. the time for debate is over. at 6:00 p.m. tonight or a little thereafter, we'll start shulting down the bridge's east side and preventing people from coming up on the peninsula. and i hope to god, people get it and make a beeline and get out of here. >> it's a paradise until it it isn't and it's just not for the next couple of days. you guys have a plan to keep everybody safe. >> we do. 250 officers will be in for the duration. we've put up stops for their families. they can bring their family to a secure location. all employees have that option so they don't have to worry about it. and the officers will be well fed and taken care of. there will come a time tonight, though, where the winds pick up and we will not be able to respond. and it's going to be too late for the residents who have decided to stay and then try to
12:21 pm
call 911 and guess what, we won't be able to get there. we cannot stress that enough. there will be a time tonight when we won't be able to help. >> we thank you for all you do. we'll be right back. for lower back pain sufferers,
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this isn't just a florida thing. south carolina and also breaking for hurm hurricane matthew. forecasters say some places could get a foot of rain and the storm said or done anything could hit 5 feet up to here. the governor started ordering evacuations two days ago. this morning, only 175,000 people had evacuated and she needs another 200,000 to get out now. about 200,000 national guard troops are on hand. in all of the areas combined, 6500 national guard members
12:25 pm
activated now. we're folly beach. >> yeah, this community was devastated back in 1989 during hurricane hugo so they take the threat of this storm very seriously. you can see them boarding up windows to deal with the heavy winds and then down here, sand bags at the foot of doors to prevent the flood waters from storm surge, hopefully from getting into these businesses here. we spoke with a contractor who was helping to board up these businesses and asked him what he is expecting. listen. >> i think i'd be more worried not so much of the wind but the storm surge. that's where people can get in a lot of trouble. >> now, back on the mainland, the city of charleston has been passing out sand bags to residents and business owners. they ran out. and they're now telling people who need additional sand bags to call the nearest hardware store. >> do you have a sense for why it is that the governor said evacuate two days ago and half
12:26 pm
of them haven't done it? >> you know, you're always going to have some people who want to stay with their property. some people say that when they left their property, that it was damaged by the storm and they felt that if they had stayed behind, they could make some spot repairs and prevent the damage from being as severe as it was. but state officials really want to get people out of the low-lying areas and they're doing what they can to make this move as expeditiously as possible. they've reversed the lanes on i 26. in other words, all of the eastbound lanes of i 26 are moving westbound. in fact, all of the lanes are moving westbound between the city of charleston and columbia in the middle of the state. now, there are no -- there are no exits allowed if you're in the reverse lanes along that 100 mile route. and governor nicky haleigh says that you need to fuel up your cars and make sure that you have plenty of gas. but the reverse lanes are
12:27 pm
speeding people out of here very quickly. she says traffic is moving along nicely, but people may have to drive for a while before they find a hotel room because they were rapidly booking up throughout the entire state. >> jonathan on folly beach. man, folly beach after hurricane hugo, we spent the night in mount pleasant in the back of a satellite truck and there were so many trees down around us, you couldn't go anywhere for days. they had to cut residents out of their houses there were so many trees. it was like a lincoln log village as far as you could see. there were no stops on any trees. all the tops of all the trees for miles and miles and miles were gone and those had been used as missiles and ended up in peoples beds. that's what happened in hugo. it was not as strong as this storm. this storm is stronger than hugo was. get out. there's hundreds of thousands of people try to get out of harm's
12:28 pm
way, i'll speak with somebody who's flat out refusing to leave and i'll ask her why she's staying and if she expects us to cover her funeral. i'll also take you to the national hurricane center to speak with a man in charge of monitoring this storm. he's a very serious person. and in two minutes, an update on the presidential race to what the two candidates are doing in the next few days. hang tight. hang tight. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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the fox report now and some of today's headlines from the campaign trail. we're just three days away from the next presidential debate. the candidates face off in a town hall style showdown on sunday in st. louis. clinton is taking a break from campaigning and hunkering down for debate prep, but she will be at a campaign fundraiser tonight here in new york city. senator bernie sanders is out in michigan stomping for the democratic nominee today. as for donald trump, he's polling a town hall meeting in new hampshire tonight. he's using it as the final
12:31 pm
practice round for sunday's debate. trump will be off the campaign trail all day tomorrow to prepare. most analysts say he lost the first debate and recent polls show clinton is inching ahead of donald trump after the last presidential showdown. our coverage of hurricane matthew continues right after this. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer vo) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication
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at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the latest from the national hurricane center, hurricane matthew is already a deadly category 4 storm as it makes its way towards the east coast of florida up and the east coast. a look at florida's atlantic coast now, winds and surf already picking up. florida is looking at potentially the biggest evacuation ever. but it's not the only state in matthew's mapath. look at the satellite picture, this big orange blob of wind and rain is headed towards florida, probably somewhere around the palm beaches, automatic it doesn't matter exactly where it hits. it will affect the whole coast
12:34 pm
all the way to georgia and carolinas. forecasters warn just a 20 mile shift to the left, that could just ruin the whole state. but even if that does not happen, it's a very, very dangerous storm. let's bring in dr. nabb, the director of the national hurricane center and live there with us. there's just no way to pinpoint this. what is the advice for people? >> you need to focus on the hazards and not on the exact path and exact strength of the hurricane. this is a potentially disastrous situation for a large area and i want to highlight the storms hazard. the primary reason people are told to evacuate. this is our prototype storm surge watch and warning. the actual warning will be next year, but this is just as important right now. all these areas from north palm beach all the way up through the rest of the florida coast line and the georgia coast line and portions of south carolina and then a storm surge watch prototype there. this storm surge warning means there's a danger of life threatening storm surge.
12:35 pm
and emergency managers know which areas specifically we're talking about, and they have issued evacuation is instructions. you've got to get out if you've been told to evacuate for the surge or because you're in a mobile home in inland areas. that's how we save lives in this scenario. >> been tracking hurricanes a long time. i don't know if i've ever seen this path before. >> this is an awful track. for so many reasons and so many people are going to be impacted by multiple hazards, regardless of exactly where or when the center might come on shore. we think it will come close enough to bring hurricane conditions to much, if not all of this hurricane warning area. and it's not just a coastal event. it's not just about wind. people need to realize, 9 of 10 fatalities historically in u.s. land fall and tropical cyclones have been due to tropical water, either from the storm surge or the inland flooding caused by heavy rainfall. stay off the roads and by tonight in central and northern florida, have your preparations done, conditions going downhill
12:36 pm
by tomorrow morning. and folks in georgia and south carolina, heed those evacuation instructions promptly, as well. >> how far out can you forecast? what's the long-term prediction for this thing? >> we do issue a 5-day forecast. our watches and warnings go out 48 hours and 36 hours respectively. we have enough to deal with in the next couple of days beyond saturday night and sunday morning. it could still be offshore. we have plenty of time to see what it might do to land areas after that. >> we wish you all the best down there. thanks so much for all you do for all of us. i want to get to deloris burr halter. she's dumb. she and her husband live just north of west palm beach. i know deloris. deloris and i are friends for years and years and years. what kooum you're not leaveing. >> i don't think we're going to be. you know, we're not that close to the water. >> what, a mile, deloris? >> no, a couple of miles. >> a couple of miles. i'm not close to the water. you're close to the water. you heard the guy say this is
12:37 pm
going to be a hurricane force winds event in orlando. >> well, but i think -- i don't think the storm is going to be -- i'm hoping it's not going to be as serious as they're saying. >> why? >> we're fairly well protected here. >> you know, they were hopeful in south miami-dade and kendall and homestead back when andrew. they were very, very hopeful until they were all dead. >> well, let's hope that doesn't happen, shepherd. >> i do hope, but hope is not a strategy. why didn't you come up and visit us for the weekend or something. >> exactly. i should have done that. yep. >> what are you going to do if monday you still don't have any power? >> well, i don't know. i'm not making -- >> do you have candles and batteries? >> we have candles, batteries, food. >> water in the tub? >> everything. you got it. the tub is filled up. yep. >> now, are the cops coming around and making you sign a list so they know how to notify
12:38 pm
next of kin? that's how they scare the bejeezus out of you. >> i know, but they haven't done that. >> are there others stay something. >> yes, everybody is. there are quite a few people here. >> i know how it is. my mom and i, as you know, lived in destin. she lived there for 30 years along the panhandle in the rednic riviera. love it like you can't even menacing. and she would evacuate on average about once a year over 30 years. 30 evacuations is very expensive. it costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time. you know how it is, though. it'll beat you to death looking for the motel hotel in god forsaing alabama. it's not any fun. but one time, our house went away. we were renting, we came back, there wasn't a house. and if mom had been in the house, mom wouldn't have been -- >> exactly. exactly. but i'm -- our condos are hopefully hurricane proof, at least that's what they've told
12:39 pm
us. >> i know they're supposed to withstand a 3. your complex is supposed to withstand a category 3, and that may be all you get. in fact, you may not get but a 1. but you may get a 4. >> exactly. >> silly girl. >> well, i know. >> have you talked to friends out there on long island? have you talked to mike and jeff? >> i have talked to everybody. i've talked to michael and jeffrey, yep. >> good. so i'm supposed to not worry about you, is that what you're saying? >> no, you don't have to worry. we're going to be safe and sound. >> well you know what, that isn't fair. it isn't fair because all the power's going to go off and we'll get all these horrible reports. and if they're not wrong, all the power will go off and we're not going to be able to contact you and nobody's going to know you're okay. >> well, i'll let everybody know. >> i hope you will. get that phone out and facebook us as soon as you can. >> yep. will do. will do. thank you. >> i don't like it. i don't have to like it.
12:40 pm
>> okay. >> a lot of you floridians, you're down there in your gold p years and having a high old time and let the kids back -- left the kids back in michigan or something and they're sitting around the lake, going what the hell is with my mother? why won't she do what she's told? you get old and think you know everything. >> exactly, exactly. >> well, you're guilty. guilty, guilty, guilty. >> sorry about that. >> all right. go put water in the tub or something. wash your hair. this is silly. >> will do. will do. okay. thank you. >> love you. be careful. >> love you, too. >> if you're sitting in the villages and you've got family all over the country, they worry about you. all right now? just put something in the suit case, head off to irma and them's or something. go z. go have a little vacation. take some money out of that savings account. that's what it's for, you know. mike and jeff will pay for it.
12:41 pm
high winds and rough surf picking up in northeastern florida, up around jackson. we'll get to daytona for a better look at how folks are preparing for matthew there. hopefully, they're getting out. look at this fool. it's fine to be on the beach right now, but you need to get out. and no surfing. i just got an advisory from my apartment building in manhattan that we're expecting weather conditions to deteriorate on saturday. stop it. we'll be back.
12:42 pm
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12:45 pm
power outages. florida power and light will have a big week ahead. the governor says people will lose power on the east coast. this is palm beach international airport. the kiosks have never looked so good. ticket machines covered in plastic, all night canceled in and out. they're expecting rain indoors. this business owner boarding up a motel in daytona beach. even after all the warnings, some people say they're staying and will not, not, not evacuate. this bar along the beach in daytona is boarded up but apparently open and advertising a hurricane party inside. geniuses. some shelters in northeast florida, so along jacksonville and south, are already full. emergency service officials in the area, which isn't really northeastern florida. daytona beach is sort of east of orlando. and people there say at least two shelters filled up in the hours of opening this morning. folks near the beach in low-lying areas and in mobile home parks, especially, under
12:46 pm
mandatory evacuation orders which means get out. you should already be out during. turn the television off, get in the car and go. county officials say they will be closing the bridges at sun down and if you live there, you have a responsibility not to make first responders come to your house to find your corpse. you have to get out. it's not nice. the sherf telling people not to count on rescue workers. they will not be there because the winds are too high to get people over the bridges. leland is on genius alert. i hear there are geniuses to your left. >> shep, there are many. you can look around at all the folks who say they're not going anywhere. and just now, greg pans all the way to his right, he'll see the daytona beach life guard patrol coming by on their loud speakrs and telling people to get off the beach and more importantly, get out of the water. there were some real, real geniuses out there who were surfing in this and obviously that can go very bad, very quickly with the rip tide.
12:47 pm
the real concern of course is the storm surge we've heard so much about. you see more people out there with their kids. this water is expected to rise 8 to 10 feet. that means it will be over the board walk and slam not only into these businesses boarded up, but businesses four and five blocks back. that could happen at any time in the next few hours. >> you see they're out there with their kids? >> yeah, take a look. you can see, this is the self ies before the storm. so we've got the kids and the photography going on, maybe some live facebook action. you never know what this brings out. and you talked about that hurricane party at the bar. if you pan over to your left, we have people it appears taking a break from the hurricane party at the bar and they've come to enjoy the hurricane party at the beach. and at this point, it's a little sad, perhaps amazing a little bit to watch this. then we heard the police chief earlier you interviewed and i talked to, saying these are people who will put his police officers lives at risk simply because they want to be out here goes way beyond not smart and
12:48 pm
way past selfish. >> no doubt about that. you live on that coast, you have a responsibility. thank you, sir. time's up. that's what florida's governor rick scott said this morning. you live here, now you got to go. got to go. got to evacuate from these areas. we've told you, these are the areas where you must evacuate. if you live in that area, you must evacuate. it's a rule. but not everybody's listening. because freedom and stuff. freedom. tell that to the cop who has to come dig you out. what about that cop's freedom? you love law enforcement, but all of a sudden, you put them in jeopardiy. think about it. come on, now.
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
disney world has closed four times ever. four times in 45 years for a storm. today at 5:00 eastern, one hour and nine minutes from now, disney world is closing.
12:52 pm
does this tell you anything? florida governor rick scott telling more than a million and a half people to evacuate before it's too late. a live look. del rey beach just southwest palm beach, forecasters say hurricane matthew could pack winds of 145 miles an hour by the time it reaches the peninsula. right now mandatory evacuation orders in effect for seven florida counties including in the palm beaches. nikki murt awing is in the palm beaches. palm beach. she's not leaving. i know her too. niki? >> hi, shepard. how are you? >> i was better before i knew you were staying in highland beach. ? michael wanted to fly me up and i didn't want to come. >> do you know how nice it is now in new york? it's great. >> i'm sure. >> we could use your cooking. >> well, i've been cooking all morning. so i have food. and i also have my chips and my chocolate. and i'm fine here. >> all right. is there going to be any day
12:53 pm
drinking? >> maybe. >> you know we worry. >> i know you worry. i know you do, honey. >> and people like you all over that fantastic state who have children in other parts of the country and now all their children are worrying about you. is that nice? >> no, it really isn't. but we're fine down here. i'm in a well-built high-rise building. and we have 24-hour security. we have the front desk manned. i mean, we don't have any problems. >> do you have evacuation orders? >> windows -- you've been to my building. >> you've got shutters and everything. you're as well prepared as anybody can be. just like my friends who lived in pass christian, mississippi who were as well prepared as they could be until a 28-foot storm surge wiped their house off the earth. >> you know what? i was fine until i'm talking with you. >> well, i know. so when the governor said it, that you didn't think twice about it and when the daytona beach police chief said don't
12:54 pm
make my men come out here searching for your corpse, when they said it it didn't bother you? but when i say it it bothers you? >> because i love you and i know you love me. that's why. >> you don't have any control. your friends and family a thousand miles away can't help. you feel helpless and you feel bad. >> but i have a lot of friends down here, shep. >> i know that. so what are you going to do? have some kind of party or something? >> i don't know. so far i'm not going to do anything -- >> ma jong? >> well, that's another reason i didn't -- >> you're going where? >> to therapy. not now. >> oh, therapy. >> i have to go next week. >> oh, that's good. i thought you were saying you're going to hialeah park or something. >> no. that's another reason i didn't come up, because of my shoulder. >> if it gets scary, just give a call. >> oh, i will. michael's ready. he was ready to get my a ticket yesterday. he wanted me up there.
12:55 pm
i fine. >> well, stubborn. >> okay? >> be careful. >> okay, honey. i hope i see you around thanksgiving. okay? >> i hope i see you. >> okay. same here. >> be careful down there. >> take care. >> i will, honey. thanks for your concern. bye. >> mean. very mean. what? that's it. s. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoff. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me.
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as matthew makes its way toward the east coast we're learning just how much damage it did when it barreled through the caribbean. emergency workers say at least 114 people are dead now, most of them in haiti. the haitian government reports more than 350,000 others need some sort of help. thousands of homes destroyed. lots of them. shacks with sheet metal roofs. haitian officials say more than 20,000 people are living in shelters now and aid workers are trying to reach remote areas. the u.s. navy reported yesterday at least 200 american troops were on the way to haiti along with nine helicopters. u.s. officials also tell fox
12:59 pm
news that american warships are standing by ready to help the people of haiti to work with rescue and recovery if needed. want to see what this hurricane can do? we just got some brand new video in from the bahamas. it's slow to get in because communications are bad. but watch this. this is a house. mm-hmm. see that? we can't play the audio because there's a wirty dord in there. somebody said a bad word. there's a man's sister in there. she decided not to evacuate. here's the track. it may just skirt daytona. it may just skirt jacksonville. it may just skirt charleston and folly beach. it may just skirt it. that may be all that happens. or it may go 20 miles inland. and that will be very bad. should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. we have round-the-clock team fox smotherage for the rest of your
1:00 pm
life on this thing. we'll be live all night long tonight. i won't be because i'm going to a family wedding. so if you're supposed to get out, go ahead and get out because if too many of you perish they'll send me down there and i need to go to this wedding. okay? thanks. well, it still might be hours away but hurricane matthew is already hitting florida in more ways than you can imagine. a category 4 storm that is already producing 59-mile-per-hour wind gusts according to the "sun sentinel" in ft. lauderdale. we're told that now more than 10,000 are without power in the miami-dade area. and on and on it goes. we are going to be hearing from senator marco rubio with the latest warnings that have been given to floridians to get out of dodge or at least out of this hurricane's path as quickly as possible. time is running out. within the next hour all the major amusement parks and parks known around the world including